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What is Kayakalpa Yoga?

Kaya is Body. Kalpa is Immortality. Kayakalpa Yoga as the name implies is Body Immortality Yoga.

Kayakalpa Yoga comprises a two-part exercise.

1) Aswini Mudra that tones up the nerves

2) Ojas breathing, that recirculates the sexual energy into spiritual energy.

Kayakalpa Yoga techniques streamline the flow of energy for a healthy, youthful and long life.

Quick Bytes of Kayakalpa Yoga:

Kayakalpa Yoga remained a secret siddha yoga for centuries.

It was passed on from guru to the shishya by word of mouth.

It is highly acclaimed.

The Primary objective is to streamline sexual energy.

It helps to slow down and withstand the ageing process.

Kayakalpa yoga is a highly acclaimed yoga system that is practiced to enhance the life energy.

Objectives of Kayakalpa Yoga:

There are three objectives for Kayakalpa Yoga:

  • Withstanding the ageing process and slow it down
  • Improve immunity and enhance health
  • Postpone death to suit one’s wishes.

The practice of Kayakalpa helps to transmute sexual energy into spiritual energy.

Principle of Kayakalpa Yoga:

Kayakalpa Yoga comprises of Aswini Mudra and Ojas breathing.

Aswini Mudra in Kayakalpa yoga helps in toning up the nerves and strengthening the central nervous system as a whole.

Ojas breathing in Kayakalpa Yoga exercises activates Sahasrara (Crown) charka, the pineal gland, which is posited in the middle of the brain.

Ojas breathing and Aswini Mudra promotes a healthy body and a peaceful mind. In a nutshell, the principle of Kayakalpa Yoga enables a fit body and spiritual fulfilment of the practitioner.

Practices of Kayakalpa Yoga:

Kayakalpa encompasses a simple mudra practice and a breathing practice that help energy flow throughout the body to improve health.

Kayakalpa yoga emphasises on transmutation of sexual energy through breathing and energy control. One is encouraged to avoid distraction in breathing and energy focus.

Kayakalpa pose is performed in a relaxed manner. There are three postures to be practiced in the morning and three Kayakalpa Yoga postures to be practiced in the evening.

Apart from morning and evening poses, Kayakalpa practices are to be followed during the first drink of the day, during each meal, and before going to bed.

Aswini Mudra involves compressing and relaxing of body muscles, which is taught systematically in Kayakalpa Yoga learning sessions. Ojas breathing will teach you to control your inhale and exhale cycle systematically. A practitioner breathes in and out slowly followed by exhaling forcefully through the mouth.

During Ojas technique of Kayakalpa Yoga the practitioner breathes in through the nose and breathes forcefully out through the mouth in a particular sequence.

It should be practised under the supervision of a Kayakalpa Yoga Master.

Benefits of Kayakalpa Yoga:

  1. Kayakalpa tones up the nervous system
  2. Strengthens the body
  3. Improves the vitality of the sexual fluids for men and women
  4. Improves health of the body and mind
  5. Kayakalpa Yoga system Controls Asthma, Diabetes, Piles and running nose
  6. Skin diseases get cured
  7. The child born to the Kayakalpa Yoga couple shines in all walks of life
  8. Practicing Kayakalpa Yoga cures addiction to masturbation
  9. For men, Kayakalpa stops involuntary nightfall of semen
  10. Sharpens the intellect
  11. Significantly improves memory
  12. Preserves life-force energy particles in the body
  13. Brightens the eyes
  14. Kayakalpa Yoga normalizes excessive sexual desires
  15. Divine thoughts develop naturally in Kayakalpa Yoga practitioners
  16. Helps in healing of ulcer
  17. Achieves weight loss and regularizes body mass
  18. Improve body weight if one is underweight
  19. Kayakalpa Yoga reduces Heart related risks. Heart condition improves.
  20. Helps in conditions of Liver diseases especially related to excess or lower Biles
  21. Relieves constipation
  22. Reduces symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  23. Removes the birth-death chain link
  24. Kayakalpa Yoga Cures infertility and blesses the couple with progeny
  25. Develops positive thinking
  26. Increases biomagnetic energy
  27. Harmonizes the Polarity of the body cells
  28. Develops a shining face
  29. Kayakalpa Yoga Intensifies the aura around the body
  30. It improves the chances of recovering from blood cancer
  31. Slows down the ageing process
  32. Postpones the death to one’s wishes
  33. Kayakalpa Yoga maintains youthfulness for long
  34. Strengthens and regularizes the functioning of endocrine glands
  35. Helps to sleep well
  36. Regulates sleep and relieves sleep related disorders
  37. Reduces the mental frequencies
  38. Kayakalpa reduces life-energy expenditure and conserves Kundalini shakthi
  39. Streamlines the information transmission throughout the body
  40. Normalizes the Food consumption
  41. Strengthens the energy needed to convert food into juice, blood, tissues, fat, bone, marrow and sexual vital fluid
  42. Eliminates waste materials from the body regularly
  43. Heals migraines and hip pain related to menstruation
  44. Kaya kalpa practice helps to solve all problems related to uterus
  45. Regularizes menstruation
  46. Streamlines puberty and relieves related problems
  47. Relieves mental problems related to hysterectomy (uterus removal)
  48. Relieves joint pains
  49. Kayakalpa Yoga procedure Increases the chances of natural birth
  50. Decreases the pain associated with childbirth
  51. Harmonizes the heat, air, and blood circulations
  52. Strengthens the anal and sphincter muscles
  53. Helps to succeed in Sahasrara activation and meditation
  54. Improves the functioning of pineal gland
  55. It ensures that brain cells remain active and perform at an optimum level
  56. Kayakalpa yoga pose improves the functions of the nervous system
  57. It promotes emotional calmness and spiritual satisfaction.
  58. Activates the brain, the development of memory and creativity.
  59. Optimizes character traits through awareness of emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds, and reduces emotions.

Kaya Kalpa Yoga - What is it? What it is not?

"Kaya-Kalpa" is translated to "immortal body". According to our guru Yogiraj Sri Vethathiri Maharishi, those who practices Kayakalpa yoga can live as long as one desires, even beyond 100 years of age.

This ancient Indian Siddha secret science of rejuvenation is called the body immortality yoga.

The practice of Kayakalpa yoga does not involve any special diet, herbs, metals, and mineral salts.

This Indian Siddha tradition later was adapted in China and Tibet, where people are known to live long and healthy.

The asanas in Kaya Kalpa is simple and easy for anyone to follow. It is similar to simplified yoga exercises that do not involve any complicated bending and twisting of the body. Any able bodied aspirant will easily be able to learn and practice Kayakalpa Yoga exercises at home. It takes only a few minutes (about five minutes) in the morning and evening. It also does not involve any meditation. However, Kayakalpa Yoga helps to succeed better with meditation especially in purification of chakras, removal of energy blocks and achieving general tranquility.

Who can practice Kayakalpa Yoga?

The Practice of Kayakalpa Yoga is suitable for all ages between 14 years (from puberty) to about 70 years of age.

Who should not practice Kayakalpa Yoga?

The practice of Kaya Kalpa Yoga is not suitable for the following people:

  • Pregnant women should only do Aswini Mudra and NOT do Ojas breathing.
  • Children before attaining Puberty
  • Not recommended for Elderly people above 70 years of age
  • Terminally ill patients of all ages
  • Who have undergone major operation (learn only after full recovery from the operation)

KKY system will not be interesting for those who love complex asanas due to the simplicity of the practices.

Yogiraj Sri Vethathiri Maharishi's Kayakalpa Yoga System

Kayakalpa Yoga is an ancient Siddha secret technique that was practiced by the sages or the ‘siddhas’ especially from the southern India to transmute sexual energy and enhance the Kundalini shakthi. Now, the system has been gifted to the world our guru Yogiraj Sri Vethathiri Maharishi.

The system of Kayakalpa Yoga covers the comprehensive study of the body, mind, biomagnetism, life-force, and sexual vital fluid.

Kayakalpa cannot be achieved with the help of rare medicines found in the Himalaya.

Kayakalpa yoga is a science of longevity with roots in the Vedas.

There were many examples of enduring youthfulness and longevity. Sages Agastya, Mahavatara Babaji are believed to have lived for 100’s of years.

You can learn Kayakalpa Yoga from any of the 2500+ SKY Yoga centers worldwide.

Learn Kayakalpa Yoga Online:

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Be Blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar.